Why open source is good for business...or how to lay an egg and impress your customers

25 Aug 2009
Posted by adrianb

I know this is my second blog with an open source theme, but believe it or not I'm really not an open source zealot. Having worked in many different businesses over the years, I've both used and managed developments for Windows, Linux/Unix , Mac based computer systems. Sometimes Windows/Microsoft products have been the better solution, other times Unix/Linux solutions have proved themselves. For singleton and small business operators, self-help has often been the order of the day, and for those who don't like spending hours tinkering with their computers, Microsoft products have often proved the easiest products to buy, install and learn how to use.
However open source software products have now reached the stage where they are often as easy to install and use as the Microsoft or other "pay for" equivalents. What's more, there is sure to be easy to access documentation and often a vast community of enthusiasts and experts around the world who can help with any problems.
And get this- open source products have no licence fees to pay, and because they are "open" source, security issues are often discovered and fixed much more quickly than for the equivalent "closed" source products.
Of course if you want to use and rely on open source products for your business, it is sensible to find some professional support in case things go wrong, or you've been trying out an application and now find yourself out of your depth. As with any professional services, good support will cost, but remote support technology means it can be very affordable, so don't sit on it too long.....

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